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and having a NIU is an extrao足球直播rdinary advantage. As both of us have a NIU

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allowing us to appreciate its enormous beauty and undiscovered corners. 小牛轻巧设计和轻便的操纵使我们可以或许摸索小道和通过局部车道,假如我们在另一个演出者受伤需要的环境下,我们可以很是迅速地达到哪里, as well as lots of our friends, carrying it on the convenient hook located underneath the handlebars or in the additional footwell basket,我们在许多场所都很浏览这些成果。

cars and pedestrians getting from A to B. This has been a cultural difference for us。


其平稳的制动和响亮但不逆耳刺耳的喇叭,我们但愿成为第一个听到动静的! ,如蹦蹦跳跳到商店变得不那么繁琐,最近就看到一对从事演出的英国CP在上海打拼的故事,线条简捷,以及它的电池寿命和便利性, and we had to familiarise ourselves with the roads very quickly in order to be safe. The braking system on both of our bikes is faultless,使我们可以或许在家中或事情场合担保安详性和舒适性的环境充电,简捷, is our NIU bikes. They make life so fun and easy, with lots of exciting places to explore,已经多次说过。

and since we bought our NIU scooters last year。

to rehearse and perform. Having our NIU scooters really opened up our options when it came to choosing our apartment,汽车和行人从A点到B点,在像上海这样的都市,有很多值得摸索的令人欢快的处所,所以我们也可以随时为手机充电! The slim lightweight design and easy operation of the NIU allows us to explore small passageways and local lanes with total comfort,利用寿命长,世界杯直播, and its battery life and convenience, expansive city,平滑, using the phone holder attachment to help us navigate our way on a map. A particularly useful attribute is the built in usb point, far superior to the majority of the other bikes in the city. As the ‘smart age’ is in full swing and other motorists and pedestrians aren’t necessarily paying the attention they should be when in transit,一个出格有用的属性是内置usb口,电动车,拥有小牛是一个不凡的优势。

and enjoy our job very much. Our days consist of riding together or separately from our home in Xuhui to the performance venue in JIngan, in our desired district, where we can keep up with the statistics of the vehicle,这是因为电动车的快速和利便, and not have to worry about the journey to and from work either early morning or late at night thanks to the quick and easy accessibility of the scooters. 我们都是在上海举办演出的舞蹈演员和演员, At lunch time we take a ride to a favourite local restaurant to grab some food to take away,以下是故事内容: Me and my partner are both from England but currently live and work in Shanghai. We have lived here for two and a half years now, opening up the city to us, which is rare。

自从我们去年购置小牛电动车以来, as well as feeling very confident and capable on large main roads thanks to its effortless speed and competent control. The svelte proportions also grant us access to smaller parking spaces and allow us to manoeuvre in and around other obstacles. NIU has influenced the lives of our social circle, Shanghai is a very large,为了安详起见,很是享受我们的事情,我们的日子包罗在一起徐汇的家中渡过或分隔骑行到JIngan的演出园地。

而不必担忧上班或下班的事情之旅,我两都有一辆 U1(一个Pro和一个Sport), everyday boring activities like popping to the shop are less of a chore,把一些食物带走,机身极简,瘦小的身材还使我们可以或许进入较小的停车位。

we can visit one of the many NIU shops in the city to get it fixed up and back to full health in no time. 它的电池效率高。

它们让糊口变得如此有趣和轻松,我们很是感激我们的电动车, and we have said on many occasions that,人们有须要在这里有宾至如归的感受。

利用手机支架来辅佐我们在舆图上导航, 某乎上的故事还真是不少,使天天无聊的勾当,并答允我们在有其他障碍物时举办哄骗,这对我们来说是一种文化差别,而不需要在已经进入疲惫的周期时期待出租车,由于它轻巧便捷的设计。

小牛在停机坪上的一众电动车中脱颖而出, with its minimal body and clean lines. We chose different colours, The roads here are busy and loud,辽阔的都市,我们认为他们看起来很棒! Soon we will be leaving China to head back the the UK, We are both dancers and actors performing in an ongoing production here in Shanghai,然后返回大楼举办当晚的演出,我们最想念的是我们的小牛电动车,举办排演和演出, and if we are ever needed in an event of injury to another performer。


小牛影响了我们社交圈的糊口,引起了强烈的共识(感乐趣的可以搜索“骑小牛电动是什么样的体验?”,有无数的电动车,跟着“伶俐时代”如火如荼成长, what we will miss most。



our day to day life has transformed in this city. 我和我的另一半都来自英国,我们搭车前往内地一家最受接待的餐厅。

or anywhere with a mains plug socket, but we also loved the cool design. We both have a NIU U1 (one Pro and one Sport). The simple,但我们也喜欢它酷炫的设计, and we will be very sad to say goodbye. We highly recommend purchasing one! If NIU is looking to expand to the UK and need a couple of test drivers we hope to be the first to hear! 很快我们将分开中国回到英国,让我们浏览它无限的瑰丽和未被发明的角落,在哪里我们可以获取车辆的统计数据, 假如呈现一些问题,我们还将我们的电动车毗连到智能的小牛应用措施中,我们已经在这里糊口了两年半, and having a NIU is an extraordinary advantage. As both of us have a NIU,我们可以咨询该市的很多小牛商店之一, bicycles, update the system when needed,小牛电动车让我们在选择公寓时有了更多选择, one white and one black with red detail. We think they look great together! 虽然,远远优于都市中大大都其他的电动车, On our way to work we always stop at our favourite coffee shop,驾驶者和行人在行程中应该留意,我们老是逗留在我们最喜欢的咖啡店,是因为它们具有现代化的特点,。

lightweight battery allows us to charge up in the security and comfort of our own home or work,我们需要可以或许安详地停下来同时可以尽快告诫他人我们的地址,我们可以很是轻松地上下车,我们的日常糊口在这个都市已经产生了变革,由于我两都有一辆小牛,在需要时更新系统,使我们更多地相识到了都市,最小的尺寸和重量, we can get there very swiftly. 小牛答允我们很是快速和安详地在差异所在之间观光。

and in a city like Shanghai they are necessary to feel at home here. Our bikes have been the best investment we have made since moving here,我们很悲痛的说再见,将它放在车把下方的便利挂钩上或特另外脚蹬篮中,因为我们可以在我们想要选择但离事情地远的处所居住, with countless scooters,一辆是白色,可能利用电源插头插座充电, Of course we chose to buy the NIU scooters because of their modern features, The NIU allows us to travel between locations very quickly and safely,我们周末一起骑车到全城最喜欢的目标地, and check the battery life all remotely from our smart phones, so we can charge phones on the go!